Why Build a MVP

Do you think you have stumbled upon the next big idea? But don't have the skills or resources to ship it to market?

Are you itching to pour money into your next big product? But want to validate your idea to help you make a better decision?

A MVP (Minimum Viable Product) can help you with all of that. MVP is a development methodology which advocates launching a product with the least amount of features required. Within weeks, we can help you build a MVP to get your product to the market and in the hands of real customers for real feedback.  

The Process

We start off with a discussion about your idea/product and assist you in defining the specs. Once a project kicks off, the product can be shipped in as few as 2-3 weeks. We work in one week long cycles (weekly sprints). At the start of each week, the previous week's work is delivered and milestones are set for the upcoming week. During the entire process, you will always be talking to the technical lead. No suits in between! 

We will use the MEAN stack or some other flavor of Javascript to build your product. We are experts in the Javascript domain and deliver excellent user experience when building on these technologies.

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